Friday, June 15

Foxy Brown Preggers?!

Leaving court yesterday

YBF snitches informed me several days ago that Fox Boogie Brown is indeed knocked up. Y'all know I had to investigate the info a bit after seeing these pics from yesterday leaving the courthouse (her 3 year probation is completed following her '04 assault charges) looks to be indeed true. No word on who the father is, but I do know that Foxy has told the people in her circle (including Babs from Da Band) to keep the info on lock. And she's been trying to hide it under baggy dresses for over a month now. Not only is her belly big as all get out, but the snitches tell me that her "mothering parts" are much larger than usual and she won't be able to hide all this for long. Well congrats to you Ms. Foxy...even if you do continue to front. But y'all know where you heard the tea first....