Wednesday, June 13

Harpo....Who Is This Lil Boy?+Other Fabness

Bigga vacay is in full effect and we haven't even officially kicked off summer yet. Gotta love it. The two have been doing it up in the South of France since yesterday on their private yacht:

And what do we have here? I know they didn't go adopt a kid....and Jay is looking mighty cozy with him. Let me stop. I give it 1 hour before folks everywhere start poppn' off about how the back of that little boy's head looks too much like Jigga's. Y'all know I'm right...

Fabo's album release party went down last night at Runway in the NYC. And Level Vodka hosted the Sir Fab's party:

Moms and his sister were there to celebrate.

So was Swizz Beatz.

What in the Dolly Gingham Mae hell is going on here? I don't know what's worse...her choice of outfit...or the fact she's posing like she's begging somebody to come wipe her down. Boo Remy Ma boo.

And cutie baller Will Demps came through too.

E-V-E hit up TRL today:

And some kind of way she makes this look work.

Mimi was spotted out at the Muhammad Ali photo exhibition in Manhattan yesterday:

And look who made it to People's Sexiest Bachelors list:

Nobody but Luda. There is something about him huh?

And finally, Rih Rih is showing off her multi million dollar newly insured gams:

Mariah who? Somebody take the mic away from this chick and let her go model somewhere....

And she hit up DJ Clue's live show today in New York:

Stay fab!