Wednesday, May 9

Video Fab+Lynn Whitfield Preggers?

@ the Kentucky Derby this past weekend

The gossip mill is poppin' today. Word has it Lynn "I will cut you because it's a thin line between love and hate" Whitfield is four months pregnant...with twins. The 54-year-old actress already has a 16-year-old daughter. Apparently her younger sister Kimberly and her husband are dealing with fertility issues and have had 7 miscarriages, so Lynn offered to be a surrogate. The twin boy and girl are due in October. She doesn't really look preggers to me...but I guess time will tell.

All you Pretty Ricky fans can click the pic above and check out their video for "(I Wanna See You) Push It" ft. Sean Paul.

Musiq's new vid for "TeachMe" is here. I LOVE this joint.

Kanye has returned to Complex Magazine to do style critiques. And say what you will about 'Ye...dude always has style. Here's an excerpt from his piece:

Grown and sexy is dead. Enough already with the fuckin’ three-piece
suit. Ok, fam, we realize that you went up to the 5th floor at Barneys instead of stopping at the 4th. Cool. No more open bow ties stuck perfectly on your shirt with your vest! The grown and sexy movement is over with, rest in peace. I don’t even know when’s the last time I wore some hard bottoms. At what point did we become the bougie muthafuckas at the black-tie affair? How far dressed up are
we gonna go?

Check out his whole piece over at Complex...and he even breaks down a few fits he's rockin'.

And ladies...I didn't forget about you. Wanna look like Tyra B.?

Well this chick is auctioning off her ish (including a top Naomi Campbell gave to her on that beef episode of hers)to make money for her TZone charity. Who's bidding?

Stay fab!