Monday, June 11

Weekend Recap

The Tony Awards were taped last night and all kinds of YBF celebs came out:

Ms. Rose was there in her signature figure hugging sparkly number. So fab.

Phylicia Rashad was there looking pretty good.

Fanny performed of course:

And Ursh got his Broadway on with Tameka and Ben Vereen:

And Taye and his "wife" Idina Menzel tried to act like things are still all gravy in their marriage:

I guess she's still willing to play the role of wifey even though her husband cheats left and right. Y'all aint heard it from me.....

MJB hosted a Summer Party at the Pink Elephant in Southampton on Saturday:

And apparently she's the new cover girl for Hamptons magazine too. Loves the dress.

Celebs came out to the Boost Mobile Rock Corps Atlanta show this weekend:

Eve looked so fab.

Nickelodeon Cannon was there too.

Rich Boy has been leaving his shirt on as of late. I see his peeps read YBF.

Where you been Missy?
Huey popped, locked, and dropped it.

Rick Ross the boss.

Kobe and Co. hit up the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage Opening on Saturday in Annaheim:

Cute. The youngest is looking exactly like Natalia when she was that age.

Look who's preggers:

Pic Source: CBB

Hot damn Lisa Bonet. You go MIA for years and pop up big and preggers. My what makeup does for a chick....Zoe. Anyways, she looks like she'll be ready to pop real soon. Congrats to her.

"A Time For Heroes" sponsored by Disney to benefit the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation went down this weekend:

The Mowry twin was there with a cute short curly coif for the summer.

Corbin Blu kicked it with the Cheetah Girls.

Cuttino Mobley was there...without his girlfriend Nia Long.

John Salley brought the wife and kids.

YBF chick Monique Coleman was there:

And so was Regina King:

Interesting choice of outfit.

Donald Faison was there looking a scruffy chia pet mess.

And Colts baller Dwight Freeny was there. He's probably a cutie sans this face he's making.

J-Lo hit up the NY Puerto Rican Day parade this weekend: