Monday, June 18

Oh Really?

Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon is about to get butt nekkid in next month's issue of Playboy mag. I never thought she would do it. But she's making 40 the new 20 indeed. Damn her and that Stacey Dash....

WTF? Freeda Foreman (George Foreman's daughter) has made a blog for her 1 year old daughter Marlene. And clearly she has some Bruce baby daddy issues. Check it out here.

Zoe Saldana had her b-day party at TAO nightclub in Vegas this weekend:

And her sisters Cisely and Mariel came out to party too.

YBF chick Raven Symone rocked a new photoshoot recently:

{Click Pics}

The CGU chick is looking fabulous.

Time for a new Baby Z spotting:

She, her sister, and Momma Angie were out and about in the NYC yesterday.

Carl Thomas was at J&R's Music and Computer World's 6th Annual Summerfest yesterday:

Damn. Diddy actually let him release another album? Amazing.

It's official:

Kelly Rowland is on tap to perform at the BET Awards next week. Too bad Beyonce's been slated to perform too. Chick just can't catch a break...

Source: The Open Entrance

Serena and Liv Warfield separated at birth?

All kinds of foolishness was out at the ATL Hot 107.9 birthday bash this weekend:

As sexy as T.I. is...them pants look the fool.




Stop playin' Gucci Mane.

CiCi performed:

DJ Khaled and Rick Ross were there:

So were the Shop Boyz.

Jeezy and T.I.

No ma'am D-Woods. Who in the ghetto girl ponytailed hell put that mess in your head and allowed you to hit up a concert like it was cute? Boo.

Ursh received the Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes Community Service Award.

Eve's album cover is hot. Here I Am drops August 7th.

Former TV father and son hit up the Playboy Jazz Music Festival in Hollywood this weekend:

This explains so much.

Here's video of Ms. Keys in the studio recording a new track called "Superwoman". Nice.

The Randomness:

  1. Check out Ne-Yo's remix for "Do You" ft. MJB.

  2. Get over yourself Busta. Story
  3. The Jackson family feud is on and poppin'...again. Story