Tuesday, June 19

Video Fab: "Same Girl"

The Ursh and Kellz mini saga is here:

Y'all already know Chapters 2-12 a la Trapped In The Closet are on their way.

The Randomness:
  1. Too little too late? Story
  2. Na Na's got jokes. Story
  3. Chris Webber's BadaBling Celebrity weekend goes down July 20-22 in Vegas. So all you fabulous folks who like to do it BIG...you can get your tix to the soirees and events here. All kinds of YBF celebs will be in attendance and proceeds for the weekend benefit the Chris Webber Foundation charity. They keep it grown and fabulous every year for C-Webb's weekend so it's about to be on and poppin' in Vegas. I need another vacay. I'll be there...