Tuesday, March 27

YBF Interview: Kelly Rowland

@ TRL yesterday

I interviewed the uberly fab Kelly R. today and she definitely didn't disappoint:

What took so long for this album to drop?

I wanted to get it right—get it perfect for my fans. It’s been 5 years since my solo album

dropped. But what people don’t realize is that between then and now, I was on DC's last

world tour, we were recording songs, doing appearances, and it took me a another year

and a half to do this album. There’s about 11 or 12 tracks on it.

What are you trying to convey with this album?

This one is more of a reflection of me as a woman. It’s where I’ve been and where

I’m at now. I get sassy and I talk about the great qualities of being a woman. By the

time I got to the last draft, I retitled the album Ms. Kelly because I wanted this to be

all about sassiness. I wanted it to be more live. My first album was very sappy because

I was speaking on my previous relationship. But now I’m saying [laughing and shouting],

I’m grown and sexy and I’ma act like it! Women are sexy! I like to party, I like to go

out, so I’ma talk about it.

Do you read any of the gossip sites or tabloids?

I try not to read the gossip sites and tabloids, some things are good, some are not.

I have a thick skin but sometimes I want to jump through the screen and hurt

somebody. So I decided not to read any of it.

How do you feel about Matthew Knowles and what is your response to criticms that

he does not have your best interest in mind since he appears to give major

preferences to his daughters?

It’s funny because people don’t even know Matthew Knowles and people only assume.

Opinions are like butt holes, everybody has one. People never really know anyone

unless you sit down and talk to them. Matthew has become like my father and the

only thing different is blood. People don’t believe me when I say that but I don’t say

things that are bull crap. I would make sure I know facts before I say things and make

an ass out of myself. It doesn’t really bother me because I’ve heard so many

different crazy stories. But this is why I don’t visit gossip sites or read the gossip—

people say cruel things. But when I make connections with people and fans on my

own time or at album signings, it’s different. I can connect on a more personal level.

Do you really feel like you are getting everything you deserve right now--promo

and attention-- from your label?

Yes I do. I’m up in the office every other week asking questions and making sure

everything is straight. I check on all the processing, singles, and I have nothing

but great support. My manager [Matthew Knowles] and production team listen to

me when there is something I want to do or somebody I want to work with. I don’t

hold my tongue for nobody! I’m an Aquarius, so I’m nice but I can be a biter.

[growls and laughs]

In my own opinion, I feel like you don’t get all the promo you deserve, especially

since you actually are talented unlike many of these artists out right now who get

overly promoted without a lick of talent. What’s your opinion on that?

Not to sound cocky, but I know I’m a great package. What’s for me is for me. I believe

in God and I believe that when you work hard, results may not come when you want

them to come, but they DO come. Everything doesn’t have to be done so that the

public sees it. Building communities and homes for people through the church is my reward.

We chit chatted about her and the Knowles family’s work building homes and communities for Hurricane Katrina evacuees who have permanently moved to Houston. She says,

“Katrina and how it was handled still gets under my skin.”

YBF reader questions:

As soon as I said “YBF” readers have questions for you—she cracked up laughing and

said she knew the site WELL. She admitted to checking it every so often on the low and

told me about how her and LaLa talk about it all the time. She’s a self proclaimed

secret fan. So yes y’all, she sees your comments and loves that y'all love her style.

Teena-What are you going to do differently now from your DC projects?

It’s just me now. It’s just my voice on the record. More grown and sexy. I still write

down all of my hopes and dreams for I want to do with my future too. Also, in DC, I

wore lots of dresses and was very glam, but I’m really more of a shorts and jeans chick.

Fox314-Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years and will you be doing more acting?

I will definitely be doing more acting, going out for more roles now and would love to

do more tv. I want to be a Mrs. and have at least 1 kid—maybe 2. I want time to

spend with my hubby before I have kids. I really don’t want to date anyone in the industry.

My question: Does this include athletes?

[laughing real hard] Of course it does!

Another question: So are you currently dating someone we should know about?

Nobody I can tell everyone about. [Laughed real loud]

Another question: You go out a lot it seems. Do you go out to look for a guy or

just to kick it with your girls?

[Laughs] I do like to go out to parties and clubs. I like to go kick it with my girls. I

also go out to get inspiration for my songs. When I was recording with Scott Storch,

we went out almost every night.

Twiz-If you could change anything, what would it be?

Such a good question and so broad. [Admits she’s hesitant to speak her political

mind, but I coaxed her into it] I would have changed the way everything happened

with Hurricane Katrina and the way people are living in Africa. These are the things

I think about when I put my head on my pillow to go to sleep. I would change the way

people think about my family. And I call the Knowles my family--the only thing that

separates us is blood. Also, there is a lot of negativity right now, there needs to be

positive instilled in everyone.

UHLCDiva-How close are you to any of the former members of Destiny's Child,

particularly LeToya and LaTavia? Would you call them your friends and vice versa?

I’m gonna be real and call them associates. I saw LaTavia in ATL last year at a T.I.

concert and me and Beyonce sat with her and talked with her for like 3 hours. I just

spoke to LaToya the other day during an interview with The Box. But we don’t really

have a friendship relationship. I respect her space and she respects mine. I would

love to know LaTavia is just alright. If you reading this mama—I don’t know where

you are but I hope you’re alright.

Who are you fashion inspirations?

Sienna Miller, somewhat Victoria Beckham, but no one touches J-Lo. Her style is

impeccable. And Aaliyah had an impeccable sense of style too. But I’m not as much

of a girly girl as I thought I was. I got a little tomboyish in me.

Do you have a stylist on the daily?

I style myself on the daily, except for video and photo shoots.

So you’re living in Miami full time now?

Yes, I have a house in Miami and I’m living there. I love Miami!

So who are your good friends in this industry outside of DC? And what happened

with you and Brandy?

[laughs and says I knew you were gonna ask that] I still love and admire Brandy.

We don’t associate as much as we used to. I think you just kind of grow up.

My best friend who no one knows is Barbara Rubio in Houston. LaLa and Serena

are also my best friends.

By the way, she detoured our convo mid-interview to celebrate with shouts that Serena just beat Sharapova during the Sony Ericsson Open while we were chatting.

There seems to be more to that Brandy story you’re trying to hide.

{uncomfortable laughs} People just grow up, even in a matter of months.

Is there anything you want to tell your fans at YBF:

Thanks and first of all-YBF has it all. I will always make sure you have the facts

from me. I love it. It feels really good to log on and read the supportive things

you and the readers have to say. And for my fans—thanks for ALWAYS supporting

DC and my solo projects. Keep the supportive comments coming. [laughs]

Ms. Kelly drops this summer on June 26th. And you can check out

her brand new video for "Like This" featuring Eve here. Stay fab!