Friday, March 9

Some Couples Just Need To Shut That Ish Down

Look who was spotted moving their jump off relationship from the bedroom to the Takeout dining room:

This mess is starting to irk me. Ray-J just seems a bit too shady to me. And Whit--now that you're off the crack there is no excuse for this madness. I can't explain it. But the involuntary "eww" 's just flow out of my mouth when I see these two.

As long as there are no sex tapes landing in my inbox....I'm cool. And by the way, Bobby went on Tom Joyner's morning show this week talking about Whit's new BOYfriend. Everybody had jokes.....

Moving on....

So y'all got something to hide Nas and Kelis? Word on the street is that they are INDEED doing an MTV reality show about their married life and separate career lives. Funny how when I reported a while back that the cameras were spotted on them while they were at dinner one night...they shot that mess down quickly. Kelis said they're just her cameras she hired to follow them every so often so she could have something to show the grandkids. I knew that was some bullsh*t. Anyways....their reality show is slated to be called Me and Mr. Jones and should be premiering on MTV late spring/early summer.

I really like them as a couple. And thanks to the reality show couples curse, I just don't see this ending all.

And on a sidenote, remember Pootie from I Love NY (the one who threw his dumbass down the stairs after the "financial workshop")?

When will people learn to not post blackmail worthy pics on the net when you're trying to get your celebrity on? This is just reason #893 why I truly believe every man that is and has been on that show is strictly dickly. I'm just sayin'......

Today is the 10th anniversary of Notorious B.I.G's death. And I have a tribute post over at Ya Heard???.