Tuesday, March 6

Couples, Events, And A Vacay

Oh yes. It's that time again folks. Bigga vacation is in full effect. Y'all knew it was coming after Beyonce wore herself out after shooting 367 videos in 2 days and Jay just sold Roca Wear for over $200 million:

Something tells me folks will still keep up the breakup rumors though. The couple has been in Mexico since Saturday chillaxin'. Hopefully the bigger photos will surface soon.

And here are a few pics from the Nets game they were at last week (the day after the breakup reports started):

Meanwhile Mama and Papa Knowles are focusing their energy on Solo. She performed for the first time in forever in the H this weekend:

This outfit is Kelis meets Beyonce and it all goes very very wrong.

My sources who saw the performance say she's going toward a more soulful and jazz sound. Whatev. Chick just needs to stick with modeling for HouseofDamnitswrong.

And since it was also Hip Hop Summit weekend, Free and Slim were there too:

Something about Free just isn't the fabulousness she used to be.

And YBF reader Shameka sent in some pics of Papa Knowles showing love to LaToya on stage at the Hip Hop Summit:

He even asked the crown that if Jay and Beyonce really broke up...would he be wearing this Roca Wear shirt? The real question here is...what possessed you to rock that ugly ass shirt regardless of who asked you to rock it Papa Knowles?

Moving on...

Here's another pic of Djimon and KiKi canoodling just for S's and G's:

And remember Selita Ebanks' manager Marc Chamblin I told you about earlier? He is telling folks she just uses people to get to the top and he was still dating her (he seemingly cheated with on his wife at the time stylist June Ambrose with her) when she ran off with Nick a couple weeks ago. Oh well, the OTHER party involved in this love square has put Selita on blast too. He's Canadian footballer Ted Kornegay. He says he was dating Selita while she was with her manager AND Nick and he's posted pics of the two on his myspace page:
{Thanks Jesus}

Y'all all got played boo. And you're prolly still getting played Nick. Let it go....

And finally, J-Hud hit the Craig Ferguson show last night:

The fitted black dress is such a good look for her. Loves it.