Monday, March 26

Kelly & Bey Are Video Chicks+Other Fabness

Kelly R.'s new video for "Like This" ft. Eve premiered today on TRL:

Cute vid. But I feel like I've seen this concept many times before....

Here's more stills for B's upcoming B'Day video montage she's including on the DVD:

"Flaws And All" (new track on the B'Day re-release)

"Suga Mama"

"Freakum Dress"

"Green Light"

And as if 2 versions weren't enough, she's shot a third version of "Listen" for the B'Day DVD video montage:

I literally get worn out and tired just speaking about B's upcoming projects.

News just gets worse for Viv. Last week she was charged with a double misdemeanor on DUI charges. Now Cadillac/GM pulled her endorsement deal today that paid the actress $1 million a year for 3 years. All that plastic done went to ya head Viv.

Tony Yayo's was arrested this weekend for slapping Jimmy Henchmen's 14 year old son:

Damn shame.

On the beach in Miami this weekend

Like a pimp...

Naomi completed her last day of community service this weekend in serious catwalk style:

And if somebody would have dropped even an ounce of dirt on that Dolce and Gabbana she's rockin', chick would have had a relapse and somebody would have ended up with a damn concussion.

She's baaaack:

Karrine Steffans has written another tell-all book to be release this summer called The Vixen Diaries. And check out her recent interview on Al Sharpton's radio show where they talked about sex and "jump-offs". Pure comedy.

Eve was spotted with her boyfriend going to Elton John's 60th b-day party:

Her boyfriend is straight on that Fonsworth Bently tip right now.

Loves this whole look.

The Randomness:

  1. I have a new blind item over at my myspace page.
  2. I'm interviewing Kelly Rowland tomorrow afternoon. So if you have a question you'd like me to ask her, please submit it in the "Fabulous Comments" section below. I'll pick a couple of my faves to ask.

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