Thursday, March 8

Extra Mini Fab

Slow news day....

Tyra was spotted taping one of her shows outside somewhere:

Maaaaan WTF Tyra?! That scarecrow ish on top of your head is NOT what that is. Please remove 3 out of those 5 layers of makeup while you're at it. I'm just disturbed by this extra fakery right here...

50 Cent and Tony Yayo were spotted driving in 50's Lambo in West Hollywood the other day:

Looking for Game are we? Whatev.

J-Lo looked fabulous coming out of her hair salon in Miami yesterday:

Casual and glam at the same time. Hotness. And of course there's video the stalkerazzi has of her leaving too.

Folks are saying Ursh is about to hit up the ultra diet a la Janet. Y'all know he got to get back to his "Confessions" days for the wedding....

You be the judge:

Is Star's new lawyer look an upgrade or a downgrade? Thanks to the much needed push up bra she finally decided to cop...I'm gonna go with UPGRADE!

The Randomness:

  1. Bigga was spotted at Tao in NY partying it up with some Patron to celebrate Hov's $204 million Rocawear deal.

  2. I don't believe you Bobby. You need more people.