Tuesday, March 20

Spring Fabulousness

Today's the first official day of spring and celebs are kicking it off fabulously:

Vanessa Williams has solidified her place on Hollywood's Walk of Fame by getting a star on her birthday the other day:

Vanessa, the kids, and her brother Chris Williams

Gorgeous dress, gorgeous hair...just fabulous.

Dwyane Wade is giving more than his sexy self to his high school (H.L. Richards High School in Oak Lawn, Ill.). He's giving them that paper. He anounced plans of renovating his alma mater's gym and did the announcement at a school wide pep rally. Kanye and Jennifer were there to perform:

Sweet. And I see you Jen gettin' ya sexy on and stuff. By the way, J-Hud cleared up those Soul Train Award performance rumors with Jawn.

Ms. Berry hit up her Miami premiere of her new movie Perfect Stranger last night:

I must say I'm not really feeling this look. She looks hot as always...in a "hooker attacked by a zebra" type way, but that dress is not the ish.

She's also gracing the cover of the upcoming issue of InStyle mag:

And she says for the 806th time that she's NEVER getting married again. We get it chica. But does Gabe?

Solo was on party mode...as usual...with Sanaa and some ballers in Miami this weekend:

Dwyane Wade, Sanaa, and Wale Ogunleye

They all hit up The Soul Kitchen at Ford nightclub Sunday.

And it looks like Sanaa has a new baller in her life. He's NFLer Wale Ogunleye and his sexiness is ridiculous.

They also were in the Virgin Islands together for the grand opening of Yacht Haven Grande in St. Thomas:

Her BFFs Essence Atkins and Gabby were there too.

Kickin it with a Beach Boy

They also kicked it with Simon Rex:

Fab chicks indeed.

The ladies kicked it with Trump Jr. and his preggers wife.

And Gabby got silly of course:

Gotta love her.

Naomi's bad ass kicked off her community service in some hot stilletto boots in NY yesterday:

Nobody should look that hot going to pick up some damn trash. And she does it so effortlessly...

The Pride movie screening went down yesterday:

Eva Longoria came through and chatted it up with Terrance:

Gary Sturgis, Director Sunu Gonera and Terrence Howard

Blu Cantrell was spotted an an L.A. Fashion Show for the Fashion Week festivities:

Me no likey.
The Randomness:

  1. Beyonce has a new song called "Lost Yo Mind".