Wednesday, March 21

Good Days and Bad Days

Rih Rih was having a cute day a few days ago when she was spotted arriving at the Barbados airport:

Causal and cute. I need her to keep this hair.

Celebs have been hitting up the L.A. Fashion week shows:

Fonzworth Bentley's girlfriend and actress Fuane Chambers hit up the Sue Wong show.

And Neicy Nash showed up too.

The twins were spotted at the bebe Collection show:

I'm just not feeling that hair on Tamara.

Oh, and CoCo't ever do this aain. EVER. I don't even know who you are nor do I care when foolishness like this hits my screen. Try again.

It's Day 2 for Naomi and her NYC community service stint. And y'all know she stepped out in the street like it was the damn catwalk:

Chick is fabulous. Crazy...but fab.

In non-YBF news, Angie J is still forming her United Nations and has officially adopted her new 3 year old Viatnamese child named Pax Thien Jolie:

Zahara and that swimsuit are too cute.

Check out Kelly Rowland's new promo pics:

Shout out to Devin over at the Rap-Up.

Hot pics, but surprisingly not her best. She's one of those rare few who look more fabulous than ever when they barely try.

Kim Hodarshian is on top of the ho game this week. Now she has a new jump off:

Oh yes. Marques Houston. Given, she's the face of Christopher Brian jeans by Chris Stokes and hat's where Marques comes in to the pic. But my sources tell me they are a bit more than acquantances. Mmmhmm. She gots to keep her name in the news some kind of way. And are these dudes serious about running through this chick like she's the hottest new pair of jeans? Damn shame.

Ashanti was spotted out getting her shop on with her Momager on Rodeo Drive yesterday:

That bag is obnoxious. Actually, the whole outfit is. But I've seen worse...I guess.

I realize I'm one of the few Amerie fans, but oh well:

Her new album is about to drop. It's titled Because I Love It and will be released in the US late May/early June. Her first single to be officially released soon in the US is called "Crush". "Take Control" was supposed to be an overseas release.

Do you want YOUR ass to look like Deelishis'?

Well get your D-Cut jeans right here. Ms. London Charles herself has stepped away from Flav's crispy ass and Busta's damn near married to someone else's ass long enough to develop her own jean line. Yes, I'm serious. I would pay to listen in on a conference call between Deelishis, Mama Tina, and their people.

Stay fab!