Tuesday, March 6

Gets Better With Time

Tyra's the latest testimony as to what can happen to you when you read YBF:

Upgrade! No more shiny lacefront glue and my girl has learned to bleeennnnd.

She was spotted going out to a restaurant this weekend. And she looks fabulous.

Speaking of going out to a restaurant this weekend:

Ursh and his new fiance chick were spotted out and about. Well hell...flash that ring and tell me somethin' then girl. Cause we ALL know this lil engagement right chea is some kind of trap. You need to write a book Tamika. School me on how it's done....

Anyways, yesterday Queen and CiCi hit up TRL:

Why did I even get my hopes up?

But CiCi looked cute:

There's something about these high waisted pants she wears that looks oh so fab. But I for damn sure won't be trying that at home.

Nick and Selita Ebanks were spotted geting their couple on and partying it up while he DJ'd:

Hmmm...I have this eerie feeling that KimK2.0 starring Nick, Selita, and their "special friend" is about to go down in a very interesting way.

I'm still not buying this "relationship".

BET's Rip the Runway Fashion Show rehearsals went down yesterday:

Michael Knight is featuring some of his pieces.

Chris B. and Ciara are the hosts.

And umm....

Somebody tap Laurie Ann Gibson and tell her that once again...this is NOT about her right now. We know Diddy tossed you to the side during the taping of MTB3...but now is not the time to get your extra shine. Just trying to block Nelly's fine self and stuff...

Nellly and Big Gipp were there too. The show tapes tomorrow and airs the 10th of this month.

Moving on...

Looky loooky:

Mel B. and her extremely pregnant belly were spotted out and about with her daughter and some other kids:

Damn! Everytime I see Mel's daughter's head I get pissed off--just like I do when I see ol girl from The Game and her tv daughter's head look a crispy mess every week. Comb that ish peoples!

At least she tidied up her own head...and clothes...a bit. Compared to this.

HBO had a screening for Queen Latifah's new show Life Support last night in NY:

Darrin "Pop Lock" Henson

Tony Rock

Tracee Ellis Ross looked nice.

Fanny is starting her stint as Celie on Broadway soon. Check out the 3 part webisode she's doing on the net here.

And look who was spotted out to dinner as one big happy family :

Bobby, Whit, Bobbi K., and friends

Oh yes. Them crazy ass Browns. I want to run behind Bobby with some bottled water and stroke medicine pills. I really do.

WTF?! What are you smoking Brat? And why in the hell are you even there?

I gets high high high high....high on your memories..... And you already know there's video. Loves it.

Awww shucks now. Mama Star is heading back to the small screen. Word has it she'll be playing a law consultant on Law & Order. Of course it'll be an episode for May sweeps and Luda is set to be on the same episode. I guess they're making him a criminal for the second time. Good ish though.
The Randomness:
  1. Kanye does a video for his "Throw Some D's" remix.