Monday, March 19

New Looks, New Fabness

YBF chick Raven Symone is rockin' a fabulous new figure:

Still a card carrying member of the CGU and she looks hot.

UPDATE: I hear this could be a fake pic. But I have seen recent pics of her looking slimmer.

Today kicks off L.A. Fashion Week and the celebs are hitting up the shows:

Tatyana Ali was spotted at an event this weekend pre-Fashion Week looking tired. She looks like she threw on the first thing she saw and some lipstick from the bottom of her purse. Act like you care boo....

And the Mowry twins were spotted at the Eduardo Lucero show:


Here are some pics of Beyonce at the Houston Rodeo Thursday:

I hear her performance was incredible and she set the fifth largest record for crowd turnout in rodeo history--75,000 people.

London's R&B singer Beyonce wannabe Jamelia (that's what the UK folks tell me) performed in London this weekend:


Fab chick actress Denyce Lawton was spotted at the Celebrity Vault event recently:

Loves the look.

And finally, Lady O has opened her second South African School for the poor youth:

She hopes to make this school a model for public education systems everywhere. We are SO not worthy of her all around fabulousness. Loves it!

Stay tuned!