Wednesday, March 28


Cherish @ BET's Spring Bling last week

Well well well. First Cassie, now a chick from Cherish turns up preggers. I just want to know if she actually performed at the Spring Bling insanity.

Here's some pics from Fanny's new video for "When I See U". She shot it in Brooklyn on the Williamsburg Waterfront:

I'm really mad at that candy striper mess somebody thought was cute. I love this song though so I'll be watching.

It's been a J-Lo frenzy this week as she releases her Como Ama una Mujer all Spanish album here in the states. She released it in Europe last week. She was spotted coming and going to TRL yesterday:

And at her record release in NY:

This chick is killin the game right now.

Three Six Mafia's new MTV show is called Adventures in Hollyhood and it premieres April 5th at 10p est.

Rih Rih was spotted leaving dinner with friends at Spotted Pig this week:


Congrats to YBF chick Rachel Smith who won the Miss USA 2007 crown the other night. She's from Clarksville, TN, graduated college early (while on a full scholarship), and interned for Oprah:

She held the Miss Teen USA Title in 2002 and of course she was Miss Tennessee '07. She was also handpicked by Oprah to be a volunteer for one month at The Oprah Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa. You can find out more about her here.

Rachel made her first public appearance the day after the pageant at The Late Show with David Letterman:

Fab chick indeed.

Here are some photocall pics Halle did in Rome this week to promo her new movie Perfect Stranger:


And I don't know where or when this pic of Andre and Kelis was published...

But I find it hilarious for some reason.

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