Friday, March 16

The Hills Get Preggers+Jay-Z and Whitney Kick It With Their Pinch Hitters

My sources are nipping away at me today telling me that Tamia has confirmed that she is indeed 4 months pregnant with her and Grant's second child. Their first, Myla Grace, is now 5. Tamia said in an interview a while back that doctors told her she could never safely have children because of her MS, but then she had her daughter. Congrats to both of them for being married almost 8 years and on their second child. Their fabulousness as a couple is rare around these Hollywood parts. Loves it!

Well well well. Look who Jay decided to bring to the Nets game last night since B is hamming it up in H-Town right now:

Jay, Ty Ty (Jay's best friend and psuedo manager), and Rihanna

*playing my "Ring The Alarm" instrumentals in the background* I aint one to gossip *snickers*, but I can't recall the last time Rih Rih showed up courtside to a Nets game. I'm just sayin'....

And on a sidenote...her hair is hot. Glad to see somebody's twerkin' a different look...

Speaking of Rih are some of her outtakes from her VIBE photoshoot:

And Whitney and Ray-J were spotted out again:

Why you tryin' to hide Whit? We all know the damn deal.

Keep it fab!