Tuesday, March 13

Celebs Out And About

Celebs are on the move this week...

Naomi was spotted leaving London's Heathrow airport on her way to L.A.:

Too bad she's got to be in NY for her community service starting the 19th of this month. She'll be doing a five-day community service stint mopping floors for going upside her housekeeper's head with her cell.

What in the gummy bite sized hell?!:

I really must know...right now...how did this man eat? I mean, biting is fundemental for eating and it just seems like that didn't work out too well for him. But I must give Real props for working out this serious situation right here with Uncle Joe's bad teeth condition. But I'm now going to be haunted by that first pic no matter how much more surgery this dude has. DAMN! And his dentist posted some info about his surgery here.

Moving on...

Jamie Fox was spotted on the set of his new political thriller The Kingdom yesterday playing some tennis:

Trying to upgrade his game for his secret crush Serena I see.

Blu Cantrell was spotted outside of Hyde nightclub last night:

Is she really still going out to hotspots like her name is still relevant? I'm just sayin'...

LL helped to launch the new Subway Fresh Fit "Healthier For You" Menu in NY yesterday:

And he kicked it with Jared too.

And finally, here's the much talked about $46,000 Louis Vuitton bag:

It's officially the most expensive bag in the world and only 4 have been made. I know Kimora knocked a few chicks upside the head somewhere to get her claws on this one. Apparently it's a montage of all the past iconic Louis bags. Whatev. I'm still not impressed...

The Randomness:

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