Thursday, March 29

YBF Interview: Joe

I had the fabulous opportunity to interview Joe this week. I must admit, his sultry singing voice is much hotter than his speaking voice, but he's extremely talented, sweet, and well spoken:

Why did you choose Japan as the place to do your upcoming tour?

I’m in Japan at least twice a year. I’ve actually been there doing shows

since ’95 on the regular. Nice place to go. Amazing. Have you been?

No, but I definitely want to one day.

[Gushes about the beauty of Japan] You must go.

Are you working on anything else in addition to being on tour

right now and promoting this album?

No, the main things are the tour and this album. I really feel like

this is such a great album. I want everybody to feel a part of this
record. I’m just getting back into it and I’m just excited to be performing
it and getting back into that.

By the way, Joe's currently on tour in the US right now and will be doing another tour mid summer. Check the dates here.

This is your 6th full album. What makes this album different than

your others?

This album is a combo for me—production and writing. It’s a combo of the previous 5 albums and making a type of music that current now—

upbeat music like Chris Brown, Omarion, etc. and connecting with hip-hop artists. This one has more of an up-tempo feel than the others
but still has that sexy tone. It still has substance to it.

My Name is Joe is your most successful album to date. Why do you
think that is?

Well there are a lot of big records on there—like “Stutter” and

“I Wanna Know”. They were both on soundtracks. The timing
[of the album] was good. And it’s simplicity was great.

Are you interested in acting?

I’m just taking my time right now. Eventually I want to get into it.

I want that blockbuster role—that Will Smith role, that Denzel Washington
joint right there. People have thrown some plays at me, but I’m not
into it. Unless its Broadway, I don’t want to go down that route. There’s
a certain perception with plays.

What would that perception be?

[laughs] It’s that this is the end of the road for you. You’re a has been.

But not if it’s Broadway.

What’s the inspiration behind your music—personal experiences?

Experiences of my friends, family, and myself. I just write what comes
to me and how I would say it. When it comes to songwriting, you have
to do that to relate to other people. I wrote about 50% of this album,
but used outside writers for the up tempo songs.

So do you have a girlfriend?

No. But it would be nice to be locked down.

Oh, so you actually are actively looking for a wifey?

Of course. But I’m always away, so it would have to be in the near future.

So what’s your worst experience in a relationship?

I got my heart broken thinking everything was all good. But then I
found out it wasn’t. It takes a certain girl to accommodate this lifestyle.
The way we live is different—they have to be accommodating with
certain things. Sometimes we can’t hang out at certain spots a long
time or can’t go certain places for publicity or image reasons. Not
everybody can flow. Some folks want to take their own route and
that’s fine. But it’s a difficult thing to do.

What has been the best experience in your life?

So many incredible experiences that I can’t name one. Just having the opportunity to be where I am now. But my appreciation of my fans
is at the top.

I’m sure my readers want to know, what are you looking for in a woman?

Classy girls. Sophistication. Fun and spontaneous. I want a woman who represents what every woman wants to be.

What’s your fave song on this album?

“My Love”—a ballad and takes you back a few years and still keeps

you current. I try to do that a lot on this album. “Aint Nothing Like Me”—produced by the Underdogs. And “It’s Me” produced by Stargate.

Fave song of all times?


Smokey’s version or D’Angelo’s?

Oh, Smokey’s of course. D’Angelo did a really good job with it though.

So which celebrity chick do you have a crush on?

I can’t say there’s one right. I’m a "regular girl" guy.

So there’s not even one?

[laughs] I mean, there are just so many chicks flooding the game

right now. But I used to have a big thing for Janet Jackson—I was
younger then. She’s still hot though.

What are your interests/hobbies outside of music?

Bowling—I love it so much. I love to shoot pool, play basketball. I love to entertain myself. I like going to movies, chillaxin in cocktails lounges

and stuff.

If you weren’t singing/producing, what would you be doing?

I was going to go to Dillard University in New Orleans for college. I was

actually going to registration when I learned about my record
deal—so I took off. I would want to go to law school or something
like that. Maybe a doctor, but I wouldn’t like to have somebody’s life
in my hands like that.

Do you feel like you get the respect you deserve in this industry?

Yes, from my fans. But the industry can be unkind, and sometimes that’s necessary so you can get back to your basic love of the music. This is a

business. Life goes on. There are a lot of artists out here so it’s hard.
Longevity is what I’m aiming to attain.

Who are you really wanting to collaborate with?

Beyonce definitely. Her voice is amazing. Lauryn Hill, Jersey folks.

And some hip hop artists. I love hip hop.

Anything you want to say to your fans?

Thanks so much for giving me your time. April 24th the album drops.
Thanks for all the support.

Ain't Nothin' Like Me drops April 24th and you can check out his single
"If I Was Your Man" here and the video here.