Wednesday, March 7

BET's Rip The Runway

The BET Rip the Runway Fashion Show was taped yesterday. Celebs hit it up like nobody's business:

Ciara hosted the event and made pinkish/red leather look surprisingly ok.

Bre came in that piece looking hella fab on the red carpet:

Yeah she looks lkike she needs to be on somebody's beach somewhere...but I'm loving the look and divatude.

But Nik on the other hand:

Stay out of Skaris Hilton's closet boo. However...she gets a C for creativity.

Stylist June Ambrose was there.

Sammie was there with his grown lookin' self.

BET chick Julissa was there:

I'm liking her look for once.

Her NFL baller boyfriend Larry Johnson was there too.

Deelishis and her ass made an appearance. I swear spandex is sold out all over the country singlehandedly due to her.

The new College Hill cast was there:

And Deidra from last year was there too.

Irv Gotti and Lloyd

Egypt was there.

Oh Laurie Ann:

And you try so hard...

Terrance and Rosci came out of course:

And Nelly should be slapped for allowing Rosci to rock his Applebottoms jumpsuit when it looks like this on her. You need a curve or two to pull this look off hon. Bagginess is so not hot.

EDIT: OK, this is from the Air Jordan line...not Applebottoms. But she still looks whack.

Rich Boy was there with his shirt on. Thank God.

Musiq and Kevin Liles

Alesha Renee

The Simmons sisters went Olsen twins on us with the vamp lip color. But it works on them.

MIMS still can't make me understand why this is why he's hot.

Please stop Paul Wall. Please.

Lil JJ's momma should have slapped some Jergens on that hand of his.

Melyssa Ford was there likley to model some Applebottoms:

And does Lumidee remind anybody else of a Reggaeton version of Ashanti:

Chris Brown was there to do his hosting duties.

And Tyrese made an appearance.

The show airs on the 14th at 10p EST on BETT so I'll just post a few pics for those who want to wait and watch it on tv:

You can check all the pics here.

Trouble viewing the pics? Hit refresh until you can. I'm in the process of talking to Blogger about this issue.