Monday, March 5

The Weekend Wrap-Up...

Foxy had another close call this weekend with NYPD. And I bet if cameras weren't around she would went and "smacked that" on the cops. Y'all know she gots issues...

Djimon and KiKi were spotted out and about Thursday for dinner at Bev. Hills Matsuhisa and then to Winston's:

I hear they were gettin' real cozy at both places. Mmhmm...

Some celebs were spotted at the World Poker Tour Invitational at Commerce Casino in Cali Saturday:

Damn Raven. I guess putting on some clothes that day was just too hard a task huh?

Marlon Wayans

Mekhi Phifer was there too.

The NABFEME Dreamgirls Luncheon went down yesterday at Greyston Mansion in Bev. Hills:

Ananda Lewis was there to speak.

Tia, Tamara, and Sara Ramirez were there.

So fabulous.

And Shonda and her Grey's cast were there too.

The Chrysler Financial and Hip-Hop Summit Action Network Presents "Get Your Money Right" Financial Summit National Tour Kick-Off was in Houston yesterday (Photo Credit for pics: Monica A. Morgan):

Free is headlining the event.

SOmebody tap Slim Thug and let him know grills are whacker than whack.

I see LaToya wanted to get her Glamour Shots on.

And she just refuses to give up the skinny jeans...

Bun B

And Monica came through too.

Danity Kane had an afterparty for their concert in Vegas (they're on tour with Christina A.) at TAO this weekend:

Wow. During my recent interview with them (more on that later), I found out Diddy straight played them and didn't give the girls a stylist. That explains so much.

Speaking of parties...

Chris Webber had his b-day party in Miami this weekend. And I heard rumbllings of him and newly divorced Regina King being a new couple, but I've been told by a very credible source that they are just "close friends". Regina just happened to be in town for a Heats game.

RIP Hamilton came through.

Umm Kelis....If you would wear a bra we wouldn't be able to see that nipple ring. I'm just sayin....

And Nas and Az's little brother Jungle performed:

I see there was a bit of a sexiness factor up in that party. Fun times.

The Randomness:

  1. Thanks SO much for all the love over at my myspace page. And don't think that because I haven't approved your friend request yet that I won't. I had close to 2000 requests by day 2 and we all know that's going to take time to get through. Everyone will be approved soon. And even if I don't respond to your messages..please know that I am reading them all.

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  3. Shout out to all of the YBF fans I met this weekend at Howard University's Cover to Cover magazine conference where I was a panelist! I loved meeting y'all.

  4. Beyonce says she didn't feel sexy when she lost her curves. And I wasn't going to post this....but oh well.

  5. Now it all makes sense...

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