Thursday, March 1

Ummm Is That You Chris Brown?

Well well well. Another celebrity gets caught up in the evil "My T-Mobile Got Hacked" game. Thanks to a Sidekick hacker, real interesting pics have surfaced of Chris Brown over at this site. Apparently naked and "compromising position" pics are all over it. But they want you to drop $10 on it to see the full images. I'll pass. But surprisingly...the preview pics look pretty damn legit. All you grown ass women feening for this boy can go public about your feening in a couple months when he turns legal. Damn Chris. He just needs to do a "Caught Up" remix a la Ursher and charge this to the game.

Note to celebs: Stop taking pics of yourself naked and storing them on your Sidekick. Unless you're sending them to your "supporters"....the ish just looks whack.