Wednesday, March 21

Foolywang Material: Viv Cops A DUI+Is This Ya Chick Marques Houston

Dammit Vivica. Just when your face and your chi chi's start to deflate and you start to look like a normal chick again, you go and drive while under the influence of some ish. TMZ is reporting that Viv copped a fat D.U.I. last night while speeding 80mph past some cops in her '07 black Escalade. She was arrested but then released and has to appear before the court soon. Damn Viv. Not cute at all.

In other foolywangness, the Kim K./Ray-J very staged and very overrated sex tape is here. {Very NSFW obviously and you may have to refresh a few times}I told y'all I was waiting on the bootleg. I bet Kim's rumored new conquest Marques Houston is proud as pie right now. He actually has a shot at some publicity from people over the age of 12. I usually don't post stuff like this but um....I gots to look out for my fellas. And to my ladies, I must say.....we should have a whole new respect for Ms. Karrine Stefans/Supahead and her "praises" she spoke of on Ray-J. We all doubted her. But hos are known for ho'ing...not lying. I'm just sayin'... {Thanks Nick and World Star Hip-Hop}

And just for S's and G's, Star Jones was spotted out at the Winter Music Conference 2007 at the delano in Miami Beach today:

Wow. I can't see nothing but that rock.