Tuesday, March 6

Foolywang Material: Miss Jones, Diddy, and Ron Go Loco

Daaamn Miss Jones. A source who is allegedly one of her former close friends has revealed some interesting info to me about the radio DJ. She confirms everybody's suspicion that Miss Jones has an unhealthy obsession with Beyonce and it's deeper than we think. This chick has almost sought professional help because she has gone bezerk several times in the past when B's songs come on the radio and would start screaming "It should have been me!" Her former friend has relayed to me her first hand account with Miss Jones and she's disgusted:

I felt I has to do this. She is a miserable woman. Miss Jones and I have been friends for a little over six years but our friendship has ended over her obsession with beyonce. She would throw fits and tantrums any time a song or video came on about beyonce. I thought she was way out of line when she disrespected miss tina knowles. She would say nasty thing about bee like that she is a skinny bitch and how no one can shine but her. She would e mail her a hundred time a day saying mean thing to her.

I begged her to get some professional help but she would lash out at me. She said to me one day i hope home homegirl the one that was obsessed with Jay-z she was on Dr. Phil "I hope she follow through one day and pull that bitches weave out. One night we went out and I stayed over at her house. I was awoke out of my sleep about two am in the morning what sounded like a wounded dog i went into the living room to find Miss Jones hysterical crying huddled up in the corner she had cut out pics of Beyonce body with the head cut off and replaced them with her's. i was shocked, speecless she held up the pic for me to see why is she doin this to me she sobbed this is supposed to be my life see I was skinny just like this. I had no idea that her obsession had gotten this out of control. The next morning I told her get dressed im getting you some help she flipped out she was acting like a maniac. Look at you.you're a mess eye's are blood shot red get dressed comb you hair and let's go I said to her. Your hurting people for no reason Christana Millan, Monica, Beyonce who's next? You really need help. She refused. I told her I was done with her. I walked and left her psycho ass i was real digusted with her. maybe a week or two weeks later she contacted me and apologized she confessed to me that she was bulemic and wondered why her career had flopped and she was gonna seek professional help for her obsession. Then next thing i know she makes a diss record called Upstage you about Jennifer Hudson and Beyonce. That was it. I have had. That's why i felt i needed to put her on blast. It's a never ending cycle.

Unlike certain other gossip sites, I don't swear up and down all this is the truth simply because this female source sent me her story. But I for damn sure wouldn't be surprised if even half of it were true. Similar stories have been told to me before about this woman. Foolywang material indeed.

Remember when last week when Diddy allegedly knocked some dude out because he wasn't trying to let Diddy be all up on his woman at a party...well now the man has filed assault charges. His name is Gerard Rechnitzer and according to TMZ, Rechnitzer said Diddy threatened him also saying " 'What the f**k you looking at dude?' Combs then allegedly followed up by yelling, 'I'll smack flames out of your ass!' " I would have paid money to hear Diddy say some ignant...yes ignant...ish like that. I have a feeling he'll be getting around these charges as usual.

So catching a case for throwing a grown man temper tantrum at a game in '04 just wasn't enough for Ron Artest I see. Reports are now saying that last night he was arrested after a domestic dispute where he supposedly knocked a woman (possibly his baby's momma) to the floor and didn't let her call the cops. Then this chick threw a flower pot at the windshield of his Hummer and broke that mug. For some reason I think Ron thinks all this is foreplay. He just strikes me as that type of dude. Anyways, he's been excused indefinitely from the Sacramento Kings.