Wednesday, March 28

Publicity Fiends

The Simmons girls are kicking off their new shoe line called Pastry Footwear:

{Thanks Mercedes} I'm sure all the promo will conveniently coincide with their premiere of Run's House this spring on MTV. Cute stuff though. Cake and shoes? That's all a chick needs to be happy. Take notes fellas...

Speaking of the Simmonses, Rev. Run and his wife Justine are in the upcoming May issue of Essence (it hits stands April 7th) talking about their stillborn baby experience. Now Justine has been trying to convince her hubby that they should adopt a black baby. Gotta love em.

Ne-Yo is gracing his first solo cover ever in the upcoming issue of The Ave mag:

{Click pics to read article}

And just when you thought he was biting Ursh's style, apparently it's all gravy between the two. Ne-Yo is actually doing songwriting for Ursh's album dropping this fall and they've been working hard in the studio.

Well look who thought it was a good idea to go to the paparazzi haven that is Mr. Chows Restaurant last night:

Chick needs all the good publicity she can get right now. But she needs to stop frontin' because she KNOWS she's salty about losing that $3 mil deal with Cadillac thanks to her dibble, dabble, and drive act.

Whatev Viv.

Here's some pics from Game and his girlfriend Tiffany's baby shower:

Clearly the baby is a boy whose name will be Justice.

She's definitely a fab preggers chick. Take notes Mel B.

The Randomness:

  1. Serena has had it with the sh*t talkers. Story

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