Thursday, March 15

Candids and Events

Well look who decided to get found by the paparazzi again:

Ms. Berry was out looking fabulous in Santa Monica this week.

It's been a while but she still looks gorgeous.

Beyonce was back in her hometown last night to perform at the Houston Rodeo. She also stopped by her House of Damitswrong store to do a media conference:

Cute. And thanks to this busy schedule of catching up with folks while I'm in Houston these few days I didn't hit up the show. I'll just catch her at Essence Fest...

Michelle and Golden Brooks were spotted out at the Heineken/Maxim party this week:

Word has it that Michelle's on again off again boyfriend is Billy Dec (to her right in the above pic). He's a multi club owner in Chicago with some serious money in the bank.

What in the crispy burnt hell:

*Sigh* I just don't understand. At all...And since her friends won't tell her, I will. weave looks like sh*t on a stick. WORK THAT MESS OUT!

Nelly, Rick Ross, Akon, Cool & Dre, & DJ Khaled performed at Mansion this week:

Fun times.

And CiCi was spotted arriving to Rich Boy's album release party this week:

Cute outfit.

Keep it fab!