Friday, March 30

WTF? Is This Ya Baby Momma Michael?+Are You Serious Russey?

An Englishwoman claiming to be the mother of MICHAEL JACKSON's three children has filed court papers in Los Angeles, seeking to share custody of the youngsters with the superstar.London-based NONA PARIS LOLA JACKSON alleges she is the biological mother of the THRILLER star's kids, PRINCE MICHAEL I, 10;
PARIS MICHAEL, nine; and PRINCE MICHAEL II (aka BLANKET), five.Jackson's ex-wife DEBORAH ROWE is generally acknowledged to be the mother of Jackson's two older children, but it is unknown who gave birth to Blanket.Nona filed papers last October (06) demanding a say in the custody arrangement between Jackson and
Rowe, but her request was rejected last month (FEB07) after a judge ruled she had no "credible evidence" to support her allegations and had failed to notify Jackson and his ex-wife of her claim.In a motion filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Tuesday (27MAR07), Nona is requesting Jackson hand over his Neverland Ranch and another Encino, California home to her.

Nona writes in court documents, "Debbie's hospital records will prove that my kids are not hers because of DNA."I gave birth through the means of water birth because I am technically a
(sic) herbalist."Jackson's spokeswoman RAYMONE BAIN has dismissed Nona's claims as "ludicrous".Back in October Nona Paris Lola Jackson, referred to herself in her filing as a "black Jew born in Britain" and signed her name as "dudu," "Michael and I are a sexually active couple and have been this way from the beginning," said the woman, who also claims to have written more than 3,000
songs for Jackson. A court hearing has been set for 2 and 30 May (07).

Source: ONTD

I have no words. But am I the only one confused as hell as to why this woman (who clearly doesn't know just how comical her "I'm sexually active with Michael Jackson" statement is) is wearing this extremely young Jermaine Jackson shirt? I mean...first things first.

So Russell Simmons and Co. couldn't find anything better to go MLK on our asses about? Apparently Russell, Al Sharpton, and HSAN are planning to march against Tony Yayo and G-Unit due to his ALLEGATIONS of slapping the 14 year old son of Jimy Henchmen (named James Roseman). Now I'll be the first one to grab my picket sign if dude is found guilty, but Yayo plead Not Guilty and not a lick of a court hearing has even happened yet. What are we marching for exactly? I guess Russell didn't hear about Shaquanda Cotton. I guess it would be too much like right to protest something that has actually happened already. Get it together my people.

The Randomness:

  1. AOL has up 4 of the new tracks off of B'Day Deluxe edition. They are "Welcome to Hollywood", "Flaws and All", "Amore Gitano", and "Oye (Listen)". My take? How did I know she was going to work her man's track "Hollywood" on her own album some kind of way? But I am loving "Flaws and All". Speaks some real talk if you have a significant other who loves you no matter what and you can't even understand why. Still not "Dangerously in Love" level, but this track is close. And even though I like the last 2, they are both in I'll leave that review up to my readers who are fluent.
  2. Miss USA 2007 and YBF chick Rachel Smith will be on Oprah Monday. Rev. Run and the whole Simmons Fam will also be on.