Saturday, March 10

Foolywang Material: The Beyonce's Panties Edition

Maaaaaaaaaaaaan WTF! After laughing for a good half hour after watching this, I'm mad at this dude for SO many reasons. A man has decided to get his ignant...yes, ignant...ass on Youtube to sell Beyonce's panties that his "friend" found while cleaning her and Jay-Z's hotel room in Houston. Funny how she found them a few months ago but he just made this video a couple days ago.

The sad thing wouldn't surprise me if these really were B's panties he has...but this dude lost all credibility buy the end of the vid. He said these are "some high class Victoria's Secret sh*t". Is he serious? And he talked about how he's got to start the asking price off real high because she's a celebrity....and goes on to say he'll start at $75. I'm done. Houston...come get y'all cousin. He is straight actin' the fool.

And just for the hell of are some pics of Beyonce shooting her new Samsung commercial in Manhattan yesterday:

Rockin' the HOD bag I see.

And yeah she's rockin' the HOD Jeans too. She's looking fabulous. I have lots of pics of B and Jay out at dinner and on the town this weekend over at The Forums.