Sunday, March 4

More Image Awards Fabness....

This weekend has been bananas...but, no, I haven't forgotten about the rest of the Image Awards pics:

This Image Awards show really made me proud of my people. It's one thing to be praised by the "other" Hollywood...but to be supported by your own is hard and rewarding (and sometimes doesn't go down). I loved that our people gave standing ovations and recognition to Forest and Isaiah for all their accomplishments despite the unnecessary drama this year.

Bernie and Nia Long presented an award.

Of course LL hosted.

The fabulous Leela James performed.

And Prince surprised everybody by actually showing up (from backstage) to accept his Outstanding Male Artist Award.

Congrats to Shonda.

And YBF chick Tracee.

J-Hud looked white hot.

And Raven got her grown woman on and won an award for That's So Raven.

India Arie performed.


And Backstage and at the afterparty...

Mo'Nique and her hubby Sydney were there.

Bernie was acting a fool as usual.

Bill Cosby got inducted into the NAACP Image Awards Hall of Fame.

Ummm Naomi. Back up Mama. Djimon is Kimora's man now and she is one crazy heffa you cannot jump to. Trust...

Awww it looks like Tyra and her rival really have squashed the beef.

...or not.

Bono won the NAACP Chairman's Award for all his work he has done for damn near the entire continent of Africa.

Hit the tanning bed much Lisa?

You can get more of the award winners
here. Stay fab!