Thursday, March 29

Beyonce's "Kitty Kat"+Celebs Out & About

Here's B's official video for "Kitty Kat" for the B'Day video anthology:

EDIT: Beyonce's people/Sony BMG have asked me to remove this vid as it has not been released and is copywritten and it's being removed from Youtube. And since Beyonce doesn't pay nan one of my bills, I'm not about to catch a case behind her. The vid will be back up in a few days.

I likes. She's kicking off her US/Canada tour July 6th at Essence Fest in New Orleans. And on the gossip tip: I hear there may be a "Bonnie and Hov" album in the works--a Jay-Z and Beyonce duet album. I know a lot of foks who'll be doing some Ms. Jay "Woo-saa's" during that whole promo period. Hilarious.

Celebs hit up the Oakley Women's Eyewear Launch Party at the Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood yesterday:

Ms. Milian was there in a python get up. Speaking of Christina, Joss Stone is throwing salt in her game these days. Sounds like somebody's just bitter her "f'ing for tracks" activities got found out.

And so was Megan Good:

It is officially my mission today to hunt down her manager (since it's safe to assume at this point she doesn't have a stylist) and threaten her with a "I Boycott Megan and Those Damn Earrings" petition. I honestly can't take it anymore. And she's on the border of playing out that Marc Jacobs bag she carries at all times. I'll be nice enough to take it off her hands for a minute though...

Lil Jon was there.

So was Mos Def.

Zoe also hit up the event with a python bag. I'm not the biggest fan of python but maybe I shouldn't have tossed my python bag from a few years ago.

And Golden:

Didn't look cracked out for once.

Halle and Gabe were spotted at the Rome airport yesterday:

Apparently she was on her way to Madrid to do this photocall. She brought the sass this time:

Her body is ridiculous and the dress is fab. On another note, she's now telling media folks that she attempted suicide after her divorce from David Justice. Damn girl...David had ya mind on that other ish huh? Oh happens to the best of us...well kinda.

Nick and Selita got cozy at the Wild 'N Out Season 4 Kick Off Party at the PNB Nation store in LA. He's one of the owners of PNB by the way:

Hmmm...I give them about another 3 months.

And even though the London leg of the European tour with Snoop got canceled....

Leave it to Diddy to still have the afterparty for a show that didn't even happen.

Eva L. and Mario Lopez were spotted yaking it up in Beverly Hills Tuesday:

Is it just me or do these two spend entirely too much time together? Just friends or not...ish is suspect. Anyways,
Eva is telling folks she's proud of her soon to be hubby Tony P. and his new video/rap career. I'm glad she is because I'm not all.

Stay fab!