Thursday, March 1

Celebs And Stuff...

AK performed at John Mayer's concert last night at Madison Square Garden:

Not sure how I'm feeling about the red extremities. But she's still a fab chick.

Now we have a few good reasons to watch the Nuggets play basketball:


Supahead was spotted at the Ebony magazine party this week:

Black hair aint for everybody.

Looky looky. Uber movie producer George Lucas was rocking an intersting armpiece at the Oscars and Kennedy Honors events this week:

She's Mellody Hobson--the financial advisor for Good Morning America. Apparently they're a new couple.

Selita Ebanks was spotted at her VS party last night:

And she and Nick are not married.

Neicy Nash had a b-day party at Trifecta in LA last night:

She actually looks pretty nice.

Look who made an appearance.

Neicy and her hubby Don

And the ANTM premiere last night:

I got to minute 6 last night before I KNEW this season would be whack. Whoever is the Chapter President of the Phi Beta Sigma chapter that stepped during "ANTM boot camp" and allowed Tyra to wear their letters needs to be slapped. Twice. Stepping has nothing to do with boot camp and nobody outside of your organization should ever rock your letters. I see Tyra got too crunk about the cast of Steppin' coming on her show because she really thought she was doing something other than tossing her hair around. Boo.

Anyways, Tyra and co....and everybody else...was shocked to find out Jael is half black. And did one of these chicks really say she sewed a wig to her head because she's cheap? Double boo. And did the Bronx chick say that she had to ask her friend to loan her back the weave she's wearing because she didn't have any money to buy a new one? I'm done....

The Randomness:
  1. Y&R update: This week has been off the rocker. Colleen's ass finally woke up out of sedation mode and started breathing on her now her whole family knows the truth about that crazy heffa Jana. But of course, Jana still can't be found and Kevin is still charged with her capital murder. Too bad as soon as Michael found out the truth about his Jana, JT jumped the gun and knocked the hell out of Kevin (for the second time after Brad knocked him the f**k out)--blood coming from his head and all. And is this heffa Carmen Hoesta still alive for real?! We've been watching this murder case unfold for 4 months and this heffa faked her death?! Yes ma'am. Today we all found out she and David are in cahootz and her death was a set up. And now we all know Druscilla is not as crazy as we thought. Well..yes she is. But at least she can possibly leave the crazy house she's in for now. Drama drama...

  2. I'll be on Baltimore's 92.3 Jamz radio station tomorrow morning around 8a. I'll be doing some entertainment news ont he morning show. Be sure to check out ya girl.