Tuesday, October 2

Jeezy & Keyshia Clearly Haven't Let it Go+Other Fabness

So right after Jeezy got into a car accident this past Friday (on the way to his b-day party and coming from Justin's) where he scratched up his face and his brother got his legs very messed up...he still hit up his b-day party in an airport hangar that night:

And looky looky who was looking like they were having some "Damn, I miss my ex" type convo. Oh yes...Ms. Cole was in attendance and I hear she was looking like she was having some "words" with Jeezy:

Could it be because a ridiculous amount of his jump offs were on full on flock mode at the party:

Including every industry dude's fave video chick/jumpoff Lola. Damn Jeezy.

T.I. and Tiny were there too:

My eyes are cutting up right now looking at Tiny's outfit.

Fun times.

Isaiah's been found liable for sexual harrasment. He owes Anucha Browne Sanders $11.6 mill. Too bad so sad.

Mel B. was spotted leaving Koi restaurant last nght....sans the usual tight ass satin dress. Hot.

MiMi's on the cover and spread of the new Glamour mag. I don't feel like posting the rest of the scans. Esp. if you've seen her closet, her draws, and her butterflies the other million times she's put them out there, you aint missing nothing.

And Christina Milian was spotted at Wolfgang Puck's place last night:

So cute.

Stay fab!