Tuesday, May 22

What You Say?

Just in time for her new video for "Tambourine" that hits the tube next week...E-V-E has told the judge in her D.U.I. case that she was not drunky drunky when she got pulled over. You sounding like Foxy right now boo. Let's do better. Anyways, check out some more pics from her upcoming vid:


Hotness indeed.

Look who was spotted walking down the streets of Manhattan yesterday:

Note to Ja: We don't pose for candids in the milennieum. I know it's been a while but get it together.

Since everybody and their dog wants to act these days...

CiCi has been cast as the lead in the movie adaptation to the "Mama, I Wanna Sing!" off-Broadway musical. Lynn Whitfield and Patti Labelle are her co-stars. “Mama” will start production in Baton Rouge, Louisiana next month and is slated for theatrical release in February 2008. Here's what the press release stated:

“Mama, I Want to Sing!” tells the story of a preacher’s daughter, who
rises from the church choir to international pop superstardom. The
character is loosely based on Vy Higginsen’s sister, Doris Troy, best known for the 1963 pop hit “Just One Look.” Higginsen and her husband Ken Wydro wrote, produced, directed, financed, and marketed the play, which was originally rejected by every major producer in New York. None believed that the story was worth telling or that an audience could be found for a gospel based production.
By the end of 1984, the play was named by Time Magazine as one of the “Ten Best Theatrical Productions of the Year.” Having played more than 2400 performances over eight consecutive years (1983-1991), the show became the longest running Black off-Broadway musical in the history of American theater touring both domestically and internationally.

Look what Fanny done started.

Word around The Wood is that Dr. Burke has gotten the axe. And Isaiah Washington has been doing readings and auditioning for roles all around L.A.--for roles filming the same time as Grey's--I hear. Damn...I liked Dr. Burke.

The first and last pic of Solo and Daniel within 10 feet of each other

Solo and the Knowles clan have decided to stop playin' games. Jawn Murray has confirmed that Solo has "quietly" divorced her baby's daddy Daniel...even though the clan is remaining mum. Damn I should have done a "B*tch Please" post about this one...

The Randomness:
  1. Check out this leaked track off the R.'s new album called "Best Friend". It's featuring your favorite fingerwaved red head...Key Key Cole.

  2. So Foxy thinks putting out a new album is a good idea...
  3. I'm leaving today for Miami for Memorial Day vacay. So posts will be slower than usual.....

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