Monday, July 9

50 and Ciara Head Straight On A Date+Garcelle Gets Nekkid

Sources are reporting that 50 and Ciara took their rumored coupled status to the streets last week. They were spotted having an intimate dinner at Brentwood Restaurant in L.A.....with about 10 folks in their entourage along for the date too. They aint slick. So much for leaving him alone CiCi...

And speaking of Ciara...her ex has a new chick on his arm:

{Thanks Tahisha}

Word has it his new girl is fab Pussycat Doll Melody Thornton. They've been spotted everywhere together these days. Cuteness. I guess he's got CiCi outta his system finally.

And Garcelle's Playboy pics are here. Here's a few of the more tame ones:

{Click Pics/NSFW}

The issue hits stands this week. What would Jamie do about this Fancy?

The Randomness:

  1. Ashanti and Nelly got a lil too giddy when asked about any impending nuptials. Video

  2. In non YBF's been confirmed that Christina Aguilerra is indeed preggers. Congrats to her and her hubby!

  3. It hasn't taken Diddy long to move his cheatin' ass on. He's reportedly about to buy a new laid out crib in London...the hometown of his jump off Sienna Miller.

  4. Damn.

  5. YBF snitches tell me Fabolous and his crew spent his post 4th of July weekend at the Star Room in the Hamptons this weekend. And on a sober note. Even though the VIP section was filled with all types of liquor, Fabolous drank Evian all night. Apparently after seeing how Eve and fellow Brooklyn-ite Tracy Morgan are still dealing with their DUI cases and wearing their ankle bracelets from previous events, Fab was trying to steer clear from catching a bad rap.

  6. In the "Who Cares?" news of the day: Word has it D-Woods is leaving Danity Kane to go solo.