Wednesday, July 25

Keepin' The Party Goin'....

Rihanna was spotted in Hollywood yesterday shopping for some beauty supplies. Loves the hair.

Akademiks hosted a surprise party for hottie Essence cover boy and NFL baller Kerry Rhodes last night at Nikki Beach in NY:

I heard the groupies were in full flock mode last night behind some Kerry.

The dress is hot though Ms. Ford.

Top Model reject Nik was there:

Is it just me or is this chick out and about more than the winners? Interesting...

Same thing with Keenyah.

KeKe Wyatt was there and she performed:

Looks like fun times were had by all.

Photo credits: Claudia Jeanis

And his new Akademiks ad is hot.

And Lisa Leslie hit up the Simpson Movie premiere with her new baby Lauren and hubby Michael:

Momma is looking like Baby whoops her ass on the daily. Somebody get this chick a nanny.

Baby is too cute though.

Keep it fab!

The Randomness:

  1. ABC is drinking that Hatamin Water. Story

  2. Awww shucks now. The Kellz is busting back in to the closet with chapters 12-22 of Trapped In The Closet August 12th. Story I'll wait for the bootleg....

  3. I'm interviewing Mya tomorrow and I'm picking a few reader submitted q's to ask her. Leave yours in the Comments section.

Keep it fab!