Friday, July 27

Friday Fab

Another slow news day...

@ Koi the other day

But a pimps up pic is always fun times.

Look who's the new face of an Avon scent:

Source: ONTD

Yep. J-Hud. Fab ads.

Diddy's yachting around Nice this week:

I'm free b*tches!

Nicole S. was on set for her new video with T.I. and other folks:

Tip's in his uniform of a white tank I see. I'll be watching.

In non YBF news...

Chick's going to jail...alleged baby and all.

The Randomness:
  1. Lindsay Hohan blames her crackheadedness on "the black kid". Story
  2. I might just start watching The View again--Whoopi Goldberg and Sherri Shepard are allegedly the newest broads at the roundtable. Story

Stay fab!