Thursday, July 19

Fabness and Fakeness

What better way to kick off a post than with yumminess in some draws...yeah I said draws. Check out these new pics for Djimon's Calvin Klein ads:

These are bringing back those impure thoughts I had about him pre-KiKi infiltration. Nice.

{Thanks Wilson}

JMJ is about to play Jessica Simpson's sidekick in an upcoming movie called Major Movie Star that comes out next year. Too bad it won't make her one. She's better off selling that coffee liquor.

Is that you Mr. James?:

Come get ya man Savannah...again. He just looks like he's up to no good all up in Jet nightclub. Anyways...Lebron will be hosting the season premiere of SNL. I wonder if B will be there cheering on her "friend". Lemme stop......

So now Na Na is reppin' Dunkin Donuts?

Like this chick even knows what a donut looks like.....

Ray J and Kim are back on...allegedly:

Ray-J's porn money was burning a hole in his pockets. Starpulse is reporting:

The singer/actor, who is Brandy's younger brother, treated Kim to a $20,000 shopping spree at Louis Vuitton on Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills earlier this month and now friends are insisting Ray J is romancing the former jailbird.

I guess the first round between those two wasn't enough. And is Whit getting played a second time? Just....damn. And I see you Brandy looking all salty because your lil brother didn't drop nan a dollar to help your ass out these legal woes....

Fab chick Zoe Kravitz is rockin' the pages of the new TRACE magazine:

Source: JJB

Iman guest edited the issue and told MTV that Zoe is going to be the next big thing in the modeling world. Having the fingerprint of a flawless supermodel on your own modeling career? Fab.

And those MiMi perfume ad pics floating around the net are fakes:

It's actually an old Gisele Bundchen ad photoshopped:

Y'all know damn well that wasn't no MiMi....

The Randomness:

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