Wednesday, July 18

So Are You Kickin' It With Polow Or Not CiCi?

Painfully slow news day....

Ciara hosted a party for her "friend" Polow Da Don last night as he launched his new label. T-Boz and her man Takeo Spikes came out.

I guess changing the long strip of hair up a bit constitutes a hair makeover for Tionne. Me likey. If only she could tap her girl Chilli on the shoulder and ask her to do the same. Change is a good thing....

And even though CiCi's been rumored to be with Polow...they didn't seem to be together last night. He hit up the carpet with "friend" and singer Keri Hilson:

Keri is a fab chick. And dare I say Polow looks...

Kinda hot.....or something?

Michael Knight was there too.

The Randomness:

  1. Idiot.
  2. Get over it Ursh.
  3. Miss Cleo's back? GTFOH! Dlisted