Tuesday, July 17

Breakups To Makeups

Diddy is PISSY. Sources have revealed to YBF that he has taken his own money to do anther video off Press Play. And the video is dedicated to the "I Get Money" of all baby mommas Kim Porter. It'll be for the track "Through the Pain" and sources close to him have revealed that he is retitling it "AKA Kim Porter" during the credits of the vid. Damn. Apparently he has some ish to get off his chest. The vid debuts Thursday and y'all know my nosey self will be watching.

For everybody who was wondering what the hell is up with Tisha and Duane...and why he always seemed to not want to be seen with her...they're officially headed to splitsville. Sources tell me they have officially separated and are headed down the overly crowded Splitsville Lane to divorce.

Honestly....y'all need to just gon' ahead and go public with your couple status. The suspect material never ends with those two. I still loves me some Weezy though....

Venus has been hamming it up with her new beau professional golfer Hank Kuehne:

He used to date Paula Abdul as well.

D. Woods is still trying to pacify the masses with statements that she hasn't left Danity Kane like Aubrey hinted and Dawn flat out said in a myspace buletin. Over the weekend, I told y'all about the bulletin Dawn sent out saying Aubrey and D were going solo and the rest of the group "supported" their decision. But something seemed a bit catty about the statement. then D-Woods' people bombarded me with statements saying she aint goin' nowhere and she doesn't know where all that came from. She took it to myspace and posted her own bulletin that said the following:

I felt the time has come for me to address the statements made about me concerning my status in Danity Kane. I wasn't going to, but things have spun out of control and alot of peopele are wondering what's up.On Tuesday morning I woke up to the sound of email after email and phone call after phone call, all asking, "yo is this true...you left the group"? I myself was shocked, i didnt know what was going on, who said this and why. All i do know is rumors are started everyday and like I was always told " As long as they talking about you..." ( Shout out to Wendy Williams, love you girl).

However the problem begins when those on the inside circle fuel the rumors and put out false statements and and speak on behalf of those in question, namely me or anyone the rumor is about. Its very messy, reads as malice, and is just not a good look all together. But yet again, the REAL problem REALLY begins, or reveals itself, when trying to address these premature and unprofessional actions.

In case you missed it, get the whole thing here. Sounds like she's calling a certain group member out on the low.

And the latest statement is one she gave in an interview with Rap-Up saying:

Is Danity Kane still together?

For the record, I have not left Danity Kane. I know there’s probably
confusion because I started publicizing The Girls Club in a bigger way. That’s why I have my two partners here with me because we want to make sure people understand what we’re doing and what we’re all about so that the confusion can start fading away and people can expect the type of stuff that we do.

Whatever Wanita. Bump all this. All this drama is too reminiscent of another certain girl group right before they headed to splitsville. I'm just sayin'...where there's smoke....there's fire.

And Dave Chappelle has gone to rehab the hospital for exhaustion. Tired from what? Maybe he partied too hard when he was here in DC a few weeks ago partying it up at the Mandarin Hotel with some "fans"....and his wife most def wasn't one of them. You aint heard it from me....