Thursday, July 5

Kim Smartens Up+Supahead v. Farrah?

Kim's not assed out anymore...for now

Ahhhh somebody's been reading YBF. And using their common sense. Kim Porter has officially split from Daddy Diddy and is moving her ass and the kiddies cross country to Beverly Hills. No more NY penthouse....all three of his chicks chunked the duece. Word has it his insultingly obvious affairs with Sienna Miller pushed Kim over the edge. And I know she's been reading y'alls comments about this foolishness. Kim's in Louisiana right now filming a movie and then she's heading to L.A. "for good". This ought to be interesting....

Farrah at the Trifecta Lounge opening in L.A. 2 weeks ago

YBF snitches have informed me it's about to be a girl fight between Karrine Steffans and Farrah Franklin (ex-Destiny's Child chick). The three month relationship between Lil Wayne and Farrah came to an end when Superhead posted that now infamous "Say Baby" vid on her website a couple weeks ago. Apparently she was in that Miami hotel with Wayne just one week after Lil Wayne invited Farrah to spend a few weeks in Miami with him (they've allegedly been dating a couple months now). Now on, Superhead has posted a video with herself and Farrah’s ex-boyfriend Cheo (click "The Cheo Show"), and is trying to get him to open up about her (Farrah), but he shuts it down.

Farrah feels that Superhead is trying to start something with her by coming after her men and wants a one on one sit down with Karrine, but my sources say if Karrine keeps throwing shots she's going to start throwing blows. She is known for fighting over men. I hear she caught a beat down outside of Level 3 night club in L.A a few years back because she jumped on a girl for getting at her man inside the club. Damn. My only question is...John Jackson, did you really just get within 5 feet of the walking STD at the end of the video? Boo.