Monday, July 16

Kelly Rowland Collapses?!

Apparently Ms. Kelly has been dehydrated and collapsed on stage yesterday at the ThisDay music festival in Lagos, Nigeria. Here's the statement her reps sent over:

Singer Kelly Rowland collapsed on stage early yesterday (Sunday, July
15) in Lagos, Nigeria as a result of dehydration.

The former Destiny's Child star who just released her second solo album, was in the West African nation as part of The ThisDay Music Festival.

Miss Rowland was taken to an undisclosed Lagos hospital for a check-up and is in good condition at present.

She is expected to fly to the US on Monday and will continue the promotions for her "Ms. Kelly" album.

And here's the video of her falling out at the concert:

{Thanks Frugalfindsnyc}

That's some scary ish. We all wish her a quick recovery.

Here's more pics from the event of Rihanna and Johnny Boy Legend:

Yes Johnny...your pants are still a bit snug.

I'm not sure how I feel about the skully worn with a prom dress...but I guess it works for this.