Monday, July 30

Weekend Recap

Celebs were all up in The Hamptons this weekend:

Swizz Beatz, his wife Mashonda, and other celebs hit up the MTV Pool Party in Watermill:

She's looking fab post baby.

Saigon was there.

And so was Ja. But the real question here you got bail Ja? Looks like it's keeping your ass out the slammer for now.

And celebs hit up the 8th Annual Art For Life: Not So Mellow Yellow Auction in East Hampton:

I see you Whitney all up on somebody's red carpet in a fab dress. But pasties are your friend mama.

The Simmons clan was in full effect...sans KiKi:

Maybe because Russy got bold and brought his new lil boo to the family event.

Aoki and Ming Lee were there...pubbing their new clothing line the best some kids who just got out of toddlerhood could I'm sure.

I have a thing for yellow this season so I'm loving all the ladies' looks this time around.

That's SO gonna be the next Baby Phat ad.

I see you Deborah Cox lookin' all fab and stuff.

Sandy Lomax was there with her man looking fab.

Nicole P. and Babyface, L.A. Reid and Erica Reid

So Erica didn't get the dress code memo?

And Chamillionaire was there too.

Can we focus on Nia Long's fabulousness?

Melyssa Ford was there with Brian Cox.

And Forest Whitaker was there with Keisha:

'Cross the country in Vegas, Serena was kicking it with her man Jackie Long and Macy Gray @ Fergie Live From the Pearl at the Palms:

She's looking fab these days. And yes, I'm ignoring the lack of a strapless bra.

I like these two together.

Celebs hit up a social/political activism brunch in the Hamptons at Morris and Jaci Reid's estate:

Businessman Morris Reid

Jaci Reid and Kerry Washington

Kerry had the Zahara scowl down to a science:


And finally, the Grammy Foundations Starry Night Honoring Quincy Jones event went down:

I'm loving this dress on Shaun Robinson.

John and Kanye were there to perform.

Can't say I'm loving this peacockish dress Na Na.

Quincy's daughter Kidada was there.

Gayle was there in her Tadashi dress.

Eric Benet and Manuela Testolini were there.

Umm...Ms. Wilson's fabulousness is out of control.

Is that you Patti?:


The Randomness:

  1. Here we go again. Q-List celebs who can't appreciate getting talked about AT ALL are getting highly upset with me because I'm doing my job. I bet if I was the NY Daily News nobody would have said sh*t. My disclaimer applies to everyone...celebrities included. My "job" is to report MY opinion and keep it real...not kiss celebrity ass because they think I work for them or because they thought being nice to me would change what I post. There's a couple of "celebrities" who just don't understand that and who clearly are trying to up their fanbase from 1 to 10 at my expense. Maybe they should take note from real celebs who understand the game and wouldn't think twice about wasting their precious time on trash talking a GOSSIP blogger.
  1. And since I have every right to state my perspective: Funny how 2 ladies in particular--you'll read about their statements elsewhere soon--will "overlook" the immense trash talking other folks/sites do on them...but when I pair a no big deal gossip tidbit or two with all the praises I give them...they want to jump crunk and personally attack me with exaggerations and LIES. I must have struck a nerve to get that much attention and to be called names when you were telling me the opposite to my face. So who's really the rat? I guess I shouldn't have wasted my time doing certain folks a favor by even posting about them at all. But whatever helps them hold on to their "careers" is cool with me. They like it...I love it. So to the 2 "celebs" who shall remain know who you are: I guess I should be saying "Thank You" for thinking I and YBF are so influential that we require personal media attention as opposed to the other folks who purely trash talk you. And silly me to post fabulous things about one of you in particular when 9 out of 10 of my readers didn't even know who you were before I posted about you. So my "Thank you" is me getting trash talked in the media? Bad move. Especially since I held back on some things. You would have been taken more seriously if you went through professional channels, i.e. a publicist. But thanks. You keep talkin', I'll keep stackin'. Call me with your begging to be featured when you're ready to step your game up. Learn the game and stop the pettiness since I know you're just trying to start something for some shine. I hope they have fun on the Z list because neither one of those grown women will ever see YBF face time or get any of my time again. I'm done. Next....
  2. Speaking of black folks poppin' their gums...Mo'Nique says she's defnding the "N word":
"So yes, I hold on to it. And I say it to the n$#@%rs, keep doing your
thing with pride and honor. Look how we overcame. Her name is
Oprah Winfrey. His name is Shawn Carter. Her
name is Condoleezza Rice. Look at them n$#@%rs."