Sunday, July 29

Eddie & The Beard Make It Official+More On Ursh's Canceled Nuptuials

It looks like Eddie and Tracy are picking up where Ursh and Tameka left off. They are officially engaged and say they will be hitched "before the year's end". We've heard it all before. And you still aint foolin' nobody Eddie. Nobody I say. I just want to know if Johnny's going to do a rendition of "My My My" as the "best man". Maybe I should start writing the Terry McMillian Story Part 2 made for TV movie. I'm sure either Tracy or Star will be calling me up to produce the movie any day now....

The Daily News has an interesting update about the canceled wedding plans for Tameka and Usher. Looks like all is not good with that jumpoff to housewife plan. And you can check out their alleged wedding registry here.