Monday, July 9

Essence Wrap Up: Part 2

And on Day 3:

Steve was spotted with his new wife Majorie. He announced on stage that they did indeed get married a few weeks ago. That was quick...

Victoria Rowell sat with cutie CNN anchorman (and Chilli's rumored ex) T.J. to talk about her book:


Author Michael Eric Dyson was at the Convention Center signing copies of his books.

Hill Harper and Susan T.

Yes...Tyler was at Essence still tryin' to fool folks.

Papa Knowles did some voodoo tricks to get Solo peroming up in one of the super lounges with Sunshine Anderson. I passed.

Carol's Daughter opened a store in the French Quarter for the weekend and MJB was there to sign autographs:

She brought along the kiddies Nasir and Jordin and hubby Kendu.

And Kelly and Ne-Yo were spotted at the Convention Center too:

And on the last night:

Common and Lyfe performed in super lounges. Common's set was hot. But I was ready to shank the chick he brought on stage to hug and kiss all over...

MJB tore it down on the main stage:

Loved it.

And Ne-Yo and Kells performed too:

So did Lionel R.:

Fun times.

MJB taking it to CHURCH during "No More Drama"

Common performing "Go" in the Coca-Cola super lounge

Keep it fabulous folks!