Thursday, July 26

Make It Stop

I see nobody's handed this chick a modeling contract yet so our ears can be saved:

Bob Marley is turning in his grave....

Speaking of Rihanna, Laurie Anne is making us suffer through a severe swagger jacking of Rih Rih...bad singing,bad girl outfit and all that:

Here's the song. Make it stop. {Thanks TC} And her new reality show starts soon---how convenient since her ass just got Boom Boom Kacked off MTB4.

And look who else drank a nice cold glass of Swagger Jacker this morning:

Trina is working out her ish for Baddest Chick 2 and did a photoshoot in the studio and another one behind Nikki Beach nightclub and Bentley Beach Hotel.

And over in LA, celebs hit up the Clive Davis luncheon where he was honored with the UJA-Federation of New York’s Music Visionary Award:

Y'all know they had J-Hud there singing. And it looks like the underside of her chi chi's are screaming to get in that dress right.

Gayle King and Kevin Liles were there

And so was Tiki Barber.

It looks like somebody's back to those Jenny on the block days:

Cute look.

The Randomness:

  1. A writer pimp slaps BET.

  2. Roberto Cavalli is doing a collection for H&M in November. Hells yeah.