Wednesday, July 25

Beyonce: Falls And All

And B thought these people really weren't going to post this mess:

So at her concert last night in Orlando, those 4 inch heels got the best of her
as she fell face first down the stairs during her entrance for "Ring the Alarm". I told y'all all those Mama Tinaesque sideways looks Kelly and B gave Michelle when she busted her ass on tv would catch up to them.

I'm just trippin' that this chick bounced the hell back up like her weave was an invincible air mattress and kept the party goin' without missing nan a beat. Her recovery game is on point. I know that mess had her dazed and confused...and I'm sure the weave cloud formed around her face thanks to all the head jerking that obstructed her vision. Concert goers say she had a bloody knee and sat down to do the next set, but continued the rest of the concert full out. She asked folks at the end of the concert not to post it to Youtube. Oh well. These other chicks in the game still aint got nothing on B. Yeah...I said it.

UPDATE: Damn that Papa Knowles for putting that voodoo on Youtube. They removed all that ish. Shout out to Dailymotion for not falling victim to the spells...

UPDATED UPDATE: Papa Knowles got to Daily Motion too.