Friday, July 27

Floetry 2.0

Yes it's true.

Natalie "the Floacist" Stewart has left the group Floetry but "Floetry" itself has not come to a kaputz. Marsha "the Lyricist" Ambrosius is still one half of the duo while Amanda Diva (Fab spoken word/rapper diva, MTV2 VJ, TV Personality) has taken Natalie's place. My hip hop heads know about that "
40 Emcees". Reasons for Natalie chunking the duece are not clear but according to Amanda has nothing to do with lesbian activities gone wrong. Amanda gave YBF the official word about Floetry 2.0 since she's a hardcore YBF fan....and I'll be hitting up their show here in DC tonight to get more scoop for y'all. Floetry FTW.