Tuesday, July 10

They Just Don't Stop

After rumors of their split hit the net last week...Diddy has confirmed that he and Kim are definitely over. I give this breakup 3 months. Unless she jacks Shar's "Baby Mama" place on the Ex-Wives Club.

I'm ready to slap the ish out Andre Leon Talley for this mess right here.

Not only did he hit up Valentino's 45th Anniversary event looking like he attacked a dragon dancer at his graduation....but he had the audacity to put J-Hud in this foolywang material called a dress. Yes...we ALL love tangerine as this summer's IT color Andre, but why in the ugly hell did you put this chick in this orange, overly laced, non flattering and just hideous garment? I'm convinced these two have beef because he never ceases to amaze me in making this fab chick look a mess on the red carpet. Stop playin' Leon.

Latifah and Don Cheadle hit up the their taping for David Letterman yesterday:

She was rockin' her special edition Air Force Ones I see.

There's just something about that Don I really like.

Garcelle's preggers self attended the Crown Royal Playboy Lounge in Celebration of the MLB All Star Game in San Francisco yesterday:


And she brought hubby Michael Nilon along this time too.

Na Na was spotted looking fabulous at GQ's Style Night in Munich this weekend.

And why is Mike Tyson still scarier than clowns?:

He was up in the Bacardi ESPY gift suite yesterday with some other celebs. Poor Denyce.

Tony Dungee was there.

And so was Saaphyri:

Makeovers do wonders.

Busta Rhymes was spotted leaving the Manhattan courthouse yesterday thanks to his assault charges from back in '06:

Isn't all that beefed up security what got you in trouble the first time Trevor Smith?

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