Wednesday, July 25

Afternoon Fab

Mya and Claudette Ortiz (remember her--from City High?) performed at R&B Live last night at Spotlight Live in NY:

I am loving that dress.

And Claudette:

Still looks fab after 2 kids.

Bilal was there too looking....different.

Amerie has jumped the pond to London since she's not getting much love over here. She did a performance on the beach yesterday:

And was spotted out and about town:

Source: TC

Love the look. Especially that Balenciaga bag.

Venus was spotted getting her stretch on:

Fun times.

I mean seriously. What do Rev. Run and Kid Rock have to talk about?

And Chi-Town chicks Michelle Williams and Da Brat hit up the Bombay Sapphire Inspired event a few days ago in Chicago:

Hot dress.

Get a new look Brat.

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Keep it fabulous!