Tuesday, February 20

Mardi Gras Mambo:17th Annual NAACP Theater Awards+Other Fabness

Well well well....looks like Fat Tuesday brought out all the new couples who want to put their relationship on blast. All kinds of folks showed up to last night's NAACP Theater Awards in LA with interesting dates:

Remember Tameka Foster....Usher's older stylist that he was caught cheating with (she was very married) last year? Well it looks like they're back together...and the jury is still out on whether the ink is dry on her divorce papers yet...esp. since I'm hearing Ursh popped the question.

And she has kids. I'm working on getting an official statement on this....Mmmhmmm....

Wendy Raquel Robinson was there looking fab:

Andre Royo

Valerie Pettiford showed up with Brian White:

I guess he nixed his Miss USA runnerup armpiece Tameko Nash.

I guess the Miami style dresses were in full effect last night. Vanessa Williams rocked the look.

Thelma Hopkins was there.

And Tia Mowry showed up looking cute:

I'm loving the makeup.

Tasha Smith

Leonard Roberts

Nia Long looked fabulous last night at the Awards:


Sharon Leal showed up with a date:

Mr. Henry Simmons.

She looked fab too.

Camille Winbush was there:

And so was Keith Robinson:

Zoe Kravitz is in the new Elle magazine looking gorgeous:


And MJB is on the cover and spread of the new Special Collector's Issue of VIBE. I'm surprised she agreed to shoot another cover with them after the last VIBE forehead fiasco:

{Click Pics}

Much better--but the wig isn't that fab.

And Thandie Newton is on the pages of the

upcoming Essence with J-Hud gracing the cover


Love the pics.

And on to more unfabulous things...Kelis "Cotton Candy" Jones was spotted at the Chicago Auto Show recently:


Beyonce's getting her Australian concert tour ad pulled thanks to her ciggy she posed with. Papa Knowles is gonna be pissy.

And finally, here's J-Lo's cover pic for her new album:

Absolute perfection. Gotta love her.

Happy Mardi Gras and Stay fab!